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4 Level Coach is the Premiere Growth and Scalability Company for Custom Builders and Remodellers.

At 4 Level Coach, we’ve helped countless Custom Home Builders and Remodellers like you put an end to the stress, frustration and overwhelm. With all the systems you need and first-hand experience, our hindsight will be your foresight. 

Our programs are built specifically for you. Whether you’ve just hit your first million in revenue or you’ve hit a ceiling at $5 or $10 million, we have exactly what you need.  Our programs are set up to ensure you’re in the right group, with like minded entrepreneurs on the same level. With access to the specific SOP’s, Tools, Templates, Training Guides and Spreadsheets you need at that level. Lead by one of our advisors who have been where you are. 

Our Services


Business Builder

The Business Builder program is designed for those wanting to hit their first Million Dollar year.

This program has been customized for you, knowing you’re firmly planted on the hamster wheel. Doing everything in the business with little to no help. You need to figure out your finances, improve your pricing and hire a small team BUT there is no time for any of it. You’re already working 60+ hours a week, asking yourself, “How is this ever going to change?”

The Business Builder Program is the answer and your way out!

Freedom Builder

The Freedom Builder program is designed specifically for those between $1M and $5M+ in annual revenue.

At this stage you may be hitting a revenue ceiling. Working 60+ hour weeks, stuck in the day to day, with your team(s) unable to execute without you. In fact you're likely struggling to Trust and Let Go. You know you need systems but not sure where to start. Frustration and overwhelm is real at this point with not near enough profit for all your time and effort. You may be asking yourself, “How long can I continue to do this?”

The Freedom builders Program is your answer to continued growth, scalability and freedom!

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle was created specifically for those doing $5M to $10M+ in annual revenue.

If you qualify to become part of The Inner Circle you will be paired up with one of our Coach Teams, an Expert Advisor who has been where you are and one of our Systems Experts. This team will become an extension of your business, working directly with you and your teams. To not only coach and advise but literally help create and implement all the systems for you. Add Marketing when you’re ready and a sales system that will 2-5x your Income and set you up for Ultimate Freedom.

The Inner Circle is how your business becomes a Scalable, Sellable, Well-Oiled Machine that can operate without you, creating an abundance of wealth and freedom!

Our Services



The program is precisely structured to take you from Point A to Point B with the right knowledge, in the right order. And it starts with a customized game plan, a roadmap for you to follow every step of the way.


From The Client Experience, Internal Finances to Closing Killer Deals, we give you all the systems you need. Don’t worry about finding the time to figure out, develop and implement these systems yourself, we will be handing them to you on a silver platter.


We hold your feet to the fire to execute your game plan in our weekly coaching and mentor sessions. Being part of a group of builders from all over the country is extremely powerful.

The group not only shares its wisdom and experience but keeps you accountable too

Amazon Best Selling Book

The Small Business Freedom Formula provides the blueprint, so you can begin the process of shaping yourself and your business today, to grow, scale, and eventually sell your business if you so desire. It’s the blueprint for reaching ultimate freedom. Freedom to gradually remove yourself from the day to day operation of your business so that you have the time, energy, and resources to work ON your business, rather than IN it. After achieving this level of freedom, you might then decide to take it to another level—or sell your business for a healthy multiple.

The Small Business Freedom Formula delivers, in detail, the seven aspects of your business you'll need to develop so that you create a scalable business that can operate without your daily presence. With this freedom you will then have the focused time to simultaneously develop the business further with more profitable income streams and create the lifestyle you desire.

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Here I am, 2 years later after meeting Randy. And I live in a different world than I thought I could live in. I have a different home, I have a different lifestyle, and I have a team that's about 5x the size it was when we started.

We have a whole bunch of procedural systems in the company, my people are happy, my clients are super happy, the service we provide is insane compared to what it was 2 years ago and it just keeps getting better.

There is a lot for me to get excited about and as I look ahead, I have so many irons in the fire in projects that wouldn’t have been imaginable 2 years ago.


I’ll say this, Randy helped me think about bigger numbers. Meaning, if I say we did $4 Million worth of work last year and we want to do $5 Million this year, he said “hey, why aren’t we thinking about the number 10”.

That just seems way more than I thought we could handle but now we are headed there. The last 90 days that I have worked with 4 Level Coach have been the biggest months ever. Last month, we billed 860,000 in the month. It was our biggest ever. We’ve set records in the last 3 months.

I was gone for the entire month of June on vacation. I was home for maybe 2 work days, and we had our best month ever. That just goes to tell you how working on finding the right people and putting the right system in place, has allowed me to spend several hours working ON the business and not IN it.

When you have these people and systems in place you can focus on growth and it’s just a great feeling. When I have these folks working for me, in the past if I had some Project Managers that weren’t very good or service orientated. I would hear from the clients and they would call me and tell me what the issues are. I don’t get those calls anymore.

It’s a great investment into your business. Don’t feel bad about the money, it’s going to pay off and it’s going to pay off in multiples. If anybody is thinking about doing this, just do it and watch magic just start happening.


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4 Level Coach is a business with a team of people dedicated to helping Custom Home Builders & Remodelers across North America grow and scale their business to create an abundance of wealth and freedom. 4 Level Coach helps owner’s break through their own self-imposed barriers to become leaders in the marketplace, as well as in their lives.

4 Level Coach is the leading business coach for Custom Home Builders and Remodellers.

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